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The Best Tennis Balls – Long Lasting and High Bouncing

There are just a few things you definitely need in order to play tennis. That would be a racket, shoes, an outfit a tennis court +net and…tennis balls. The right choice of balls is crucial for you having fun while playing tennis. It should not cost too much, yet provide good durability as well as pressure and a suitable bounce.

The specifications of a tennis ball are:

  • Surface – must be evenly round and seamless, made from felt
  • Diameter – must be between 6.35 and 6.67cm
  • Weight must be between 56.7 and 58.5g
  • Bouncing behaviour – must bounce to a height of between 134.62 and 147.32cm when being dropped from 254cm height onto a concrete surface

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Best tennis balls
Best tennis balls

The Best Tennis Equipment For Every Occasion

Best tennis balls overall

Dunlop Australian Open Balls

High quality here. Even bouce, great feel and good longevity. Everything you could wish for.

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Wilson Prime All Court

Typical Wilson quality. Good choice for all courts and all types of players.

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Best cheap tennis balls

Penn Championship – Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls

Penn balls are well tried and tested – among the best tennis ball brands and cheapest tennis balls for decades. Their extra duty felt balls are value for money.

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Wilson Tour Comp – 4 Ball Can Yellow

As expected, Wilson provides top quality balls for a cheap price. You can`t go wrong with these. Whether you play recreational or in a club , the Wilson Tour Comp is a good choice.

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Best pressureless tennis balls

Gamma Bag of Pressureless Balls – 12 or 18 Count, 4 Colors Available, Sturdy & Reuseable Mesh Bag

Pressureless tennis balls don`t have their own internal pressure and bounce because of their thicker mantle. This makes them more durable, but also heavier than normal tennis balls with internal pressure. So they are a good choice for training. But dont play them too often, because the heavy hitting might lead to problems for your arm.

However these Gamma balls are very consistent in their behaviour and last a long time. So I would recommend them for tennis training sessions ony any kind of court. I would not recommend them for playing recreational, league or tournament matches. Because they just feel different while hitting because of the added weight.

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Tourna Mesh Carry Bag

Same story with the pressureless balls from Tourna. Good for training sessions where lots of balls are being needed.

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Best balls for beginners

KEVENZ 12-Pack Standard Pressure Training Balls, Highly Elasticity, More Durable, Good for Beginner Training

The Kevenz balls are a very good choice for beginners. Stable feel and bouce, good durability. And whats important for beginners: Tennis balls can have different kinds of speed – and these ones are relatively slow, which makes them easy to handle for beginners. All this for a cheap price…go for it!

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Best balls for clay courts

Wilson Championship Regular Duty Soft-Court Tennis Ball

The dura weave felt makes this Wilson balls the perfect choice for soft and clay courts. Bouncing and durabilty is as good as we know it from all the Wilson balls.

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Best balls for hard surface

Wilson Us Open Extra Duty Balls 24 Can

Hardcourts are quite demanding for your tennis equipment. Not just for your tennis shoes, but also demanding for the balls. So playing tennis on hardcourt requires extra duty tennis balls. Their thicker felt will ensure that the balls are not worn down quickly, as it would happen with regular duty balls on a hard court. So this official US Open balls by Wilson will do the trick. Very high quality, easily the best tennis ball for hard court.

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Most durable tennis balls

Wilson US Open

I have played with many different balls in my life. But this ones are just amazing in terms of longevity. They are not the cheapest, but really value for money. Definitely the longest lasting balls.

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