About Tennis Heaven

Welcome on the brand-new site about the most beautiful sport in the world: Badminton! I have been playing myself since I`m 8 years old and it has been a big part of my life ever since. Of course I love standing on the Badminton court myself, but watching the professional players is truly amazing. So much skill is needed to succeed – technique, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, creativity, stamina, mental strength, speed, quick thinking and precision – to name just a few. I can`t think of another sport that requires so much. Not to mention the elegance…the footwork reminds me of a dancing choreography.

So what can you expect of the Badminton magazine? Lots of news about the Badminton scene, professional players and tournaments. I`ll also share tips about Badminton equipment as well. And of course I am always happy about comments on my posts. So feel free to express your opinion on this site. I always like to discuss with fellow Badminton fans.

But please have some patience, I am only just starting the Badminton magazine.

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