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Sexiest Female Tennis Players Part 2 – WTA Tour Edition

Welcome to the new edition of the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful female tennis players. There already is a list of hot tennis women, which you will finde here: Hottest female tennis players ever

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But of course new players enter the WTA tour regularly and some of them are just insanely sexy. So check out these girls…

Sexiest womens tennis players
Sexiest womens tennis players

Hot Womens Tennis Players – Part 2

10. Andrea Petkovic

The German girl is more sweet than hot and has an incredibly enjoyable personality. Beside her stunning looks she is very clever and funny. The type of girl you want as a girlfriend or wife.Andrea Petkovic“Andrea Petkovic” by Kulitat is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

9. Bernarda Pera

A female tennis player from the US with Croatian roots. She is still trying to reach the Top 50 of the WTA Tour Rankings, but she is easily among the hottest women of the tennis circuit.Bernarda Pera“Bernarda Pera” by pmenzel86 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

8. Camilla Giorgi

Very spirited young lady – Italian temper for sure. And so sweet to look at as well. She has not yet had the biggest success in tennis, but is on tour for a long time and quite consistent.Camila Giorgi“Camila Giorgi” by Carine06 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

7. Naomi Osaka

The WTA superstar from Japan conquered the tennis world in storm by winning the US Open in an intense final against her idol Serena Williams. She withstood the pressure of her opponent and the crowd to win her maiden slam. More titles followed, but she also got many fans with her incredibly sweet and slightly shy personality. Her interviews are just hilarious.Naomi Osaka“Naomi Osaka” by Carine06 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

6. Sorana Cirstea

Almost a veteran on the WTA tour, but still as sexy as when I saw her the first time on a tennis court.Sorana Cirstea“Sorana Cirstea” by Antonio Jesus Villarán López is licensed under CC BY 2.0

5. Danielle Collins

The typical All American girl. Tall, blond and a gourgous smile. As a players a very typical US college approach. Determined and always showing believe.Danielle Collins“Danielle Collins” by Carine06 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

4. Dominika Cibulkova

So small in height, but one of the most beautiful women ever to set foot on a tennis court. Cibulkova has retired already, but was always a joy to watch. Incredible body and her face—just wow!Dominika Cibulkova“Dominika Cibulkova” by Carine06 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

3. Paula Badosa Gibert

The young Spanish girl is still a newcomer. She was a very successful junior, even won slams. Now she finally broke into the Top 50 and will certainly get even higher quite fast. I surely hope so, because she is so stunning and sexy!Paula Badosa Gibert“Paula Badosa Gibert” by pmenzel86 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Donna Vekic

Vekic is a tennis player from Croatia and although she can play a very high level of tennis…she is probably most well-known for her relationship with Swiss tennis ace Stan Wawrinka. They are no longer a couple but Donna remains beautiful. Sweet personality as well, I love her interviews and press conferences. She has a sexy voice.Donna Vekic“Donna Vekic” by Kulitat is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

1. Heidi el Tabakh

Heidi el Tabakh was born in Egypt and later played for Canada, since she moved there a a child. She was never that successful on WTA tour. In fact she rarely even played Slams and was more of an ITF tour player. But she looks pretty much perfect. Tall, slim, long black hair and a face you never get bored to look at. What a beautiful woman!IMG_0267-2“IMG_0267-2” by Kenneth Hong is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Do you agree? Or are there other hot tennis girls, which should be mentioned? Feel free to leave a comment!

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    1. No Christopher, Julia Goerges was already used at number 3 (which was way too high) in Part 1, so no players are allowed to be used again for Part 2. That’s why this article is called Part 2, as completely different female tennis players have been used from Part 1. Replace Naomi Osaka with Amandine Hess.

      1. OOPS!! My mistake!
        What about the 2nd hottest female tennis player from India:
        NEHA UBEROI!!!

  1. A VERY interesting picture of DONNA VEKIC!!!

  2. Replace Andrea Petkovic with either Vitalia Diatchenko, Fanny Stollar, Cici Bellis, Katie Boulter, Monica Puig or Laura Robson.

  3. If you are going by the photos of the female tennis players alone for this article, Paula Badosa wins on pure beauty, hands down, or should I say, hands off!

    1. I disagree!!
      She is just a wee bit above average in my books!!
      Someone like KATIE BOULTER blows her away!!!

      1. No, Christopher, the photographer did not say that. The photographer only mentioned photos for this article only, that is, the photos of the ten female tennis players only that are being used. Therefore, the photographer is right, that Paul Badosa has the best photo of the ten female tennis players mentioned in this article. Katie Boulter does not have a photo for this article, so she is out of the picture (pardon the pun).
        Katie Boulter might be better looking than Paula Badosa, but that’s debatable. Believe me, I’m still a massive Katie Boulter fan, but that photo of Paula Badosa really shows her beauty.

      2. Firstly, Katie Boulter wouldn’t blow Paula Badosa away because Badosa is more strongly built than Boulter.

        Even the writer has put Badosa at number 3. Badosa is much more worthy at number 3 in this part 2 article, compared to Goerges being put at number 3 in part 1. When she was a child, Paula Badosa aspired to be a model, following her parents’ path.

        Her name is Paula, Paula Badosa
        The hottest tennis player from Barcelona
        That is Paula, Paula Badosa
        Tennis is her passion
        And she always has great fashion
        And with Paula, you’ll fall in love.

        1. I am NOT talking about winning a tennis match between BADOSA and BOULTER!!
          I am talking about IN LOOKS ALONE!!

          1. I believe that Manny Branilow was trying to make a joke out of it by saying that Katie Boulter would not blow Paula Badosa away because Paula Badosa was more strongly built than Katie Boulter.
            I also believe that what Manny meant was not about a tennis match between Boulter and Badosa, but rather he meant blowing as in trying to blow birthday candles out or a tiny flame (not as in a romantic partner!). In other words, if Katie Boulter pretended that Paul Badosa was a birthday cake with candles, and Paula was standing in front of Katie, she could not blow Paula Badosa away. That is, Paula would still be standing in front of Katie.
            He was basically trying to make fun of the expression blowing another person away.

  4. Katie Boulter is beautiful but my fellow judges have agreed with me that she is equally as beautiful as Paula Badosa.
    To put Naomi Osaka at number 7, ahead of Camila Giorgi, at number 8, is beyond my comprehension.
    Heidi el Tabakh does not deserve to be number 1 on looks alone, although there are better photos of Heidi out there than in this article.
    Possibly, Dominika Cibulkova looks the prettiest in her photo, but in all honesty, you really need the best photos of every hot female tennis player, looking at their absolute best, to really make a proper judgement. Even then, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

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