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Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket Review

If you are on the quest for a new racket, make sure to check out the Wilson Clash 100. It is the latest offering from arguably the most notable brand in the sport in question.

Although there is no arguing the fact that ‘just’ becoming a tennis professional requires years of serious practice and commitment, leave alone walking the paths of the legends, a racket nonetheless plays a crucial role in how one performs on the court and there’s no two ways about it.

There are so many different things/parts determining how a racket comes together at the end of the day that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that switching to an appropriate racket can really do wonders for you.

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Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket Review
Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket Review

Is the Wison Clash 100 really that good?

Perhaps the best thing about this racket is its all-round capability. Be it spin, power or control, this racket has got you all covered. What’s more, you can even customize it to suit your exact game style. As a result, this racket is suitable for more or less any category of expertise. Whether you are a beginner, amateur or a semi-pro, rest assured, the Clash 100 is going to make you comfortable from the back of the court as it will help you double down on your strength without sacrificing other important game aspects.

Wilson Clash 100 Specs

Here is a list of the of the principal features/stats of the Clash 100:

  • Head Size: 100 in² / 645cm²
  • Length: 27in / 68.5 cm
  • Strung Weight: 11.oz
  • Balance: 12.59in / 7 pts HL
  • Swing weight: 312
  • Stiffness: 55
  • Beam width: 24.5mm / 24.5mm / 24.5mm
  • Material: Graphite
  • String Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses
  • String tension: 48 to 58 pounds
  • Power level: low-medium
  • Stroke style: medium-full
  • Swing speed: medium-fast

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This is the headlining feature of the racket in question. With its ideal combination of the aforementioned average string tension, head size and stiffness, the Wilson Clash 100 allows for great control as it has a greater staying time (upon contact with ball) than, say, the competing Babolat and Head counterparts, thereby preventing the annoying jerky contact and allowing for a stable, clean strike motion. So players with basics covered, especially amateur onwards will truly benefit from the extra control.

However, this does create a disadvantage at the same time for the beginners. This is because beginners lack power on their groundstrokes not really due to them being weak and having undeveloped muscles or anything but because the confidence level and the striking skills just aren’t honed enough, hence creating a need for a low tension racket to aid with greater power. Having said that, don’t get deterred! The Wilson Clash 100 has been cleverly crafted in such a way that it allows for variable string tensions without sacrificing the feel and comfort of the racket. Therefore, beginners can opt for the lower end of the tension range while more experienced competitors are free to go for the higher end.


With the Wilson Clash 100, executing a powerful shot is no big deal thanks to its frame construction. This is useful as upon contact with the ball, many racket frames tend to absorb most of its energy. As a result, your groundstroke is not strong enough to penetrate through and open up the court, thus not allowing you to dictate the point in a match.


With what Wilson calls ‘SmartStable’ technology, the Clash 100 has better holding strength, allowing you to effectively execute a groundstroke with greater contact communication and preventing the racket from going all over the place or having a choppy motion.

Sweet Spot

With its perfect blend of flexibility, stability and 100 square inch head size (hence the name), the Wilson Clash 100 has a fairly big sweet spot. This is helpful as professionals more often than not are eager to engage in longer rallies from the baseline to give them as many chances of pouncing upon a loose shot as possible. In other words, they want a racket that will help them execute potent groundstrokes on a consistent basis and all this is in parallel to having a big hitting area and trust us, the Clash 100’s sweet spot won’t disappoint these individuals.

Serve & Volley

Although the beam width and overall appearance of the Clash 100 might give the impression of it being old-fashioned and heavy at first glance, that is simply not true. With its lightweight graphite build, the Clash 100 is extremely manoeuvrable and helps you to quickly take and change positions to play a volley. Moreover, with its muted touch and squidgy feel upon ball contact, playing difficult angled volleys and countering highly fast shots is easier. The same is true for serves as well. The added contact feel and manoeuvrability of the racket not only aids in playing, say a slice or kick serve but also aids in returning one.

Price & availability of the Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket

Since the Wilson Clash 100 was launched only two years ago, it is a fresh model and is likely to stay for quite some years. Therefore, as far as its availability is concerned, there is nothing to worry about as you can pick one from Wilson directly or purchase through a retailer like Amazon. A brand new one will set you back around 250 dollars, but you can easily go for a used one through eBay and save yourself 50 or 100 dollars depending on the racket condition.

All in all, the Wilson Clash 100 is an excellent versatile tennis racket. If you have been on the lookout for a new tennis racket and are finding it difficult to narrow down to a single one, just get yourself a nice Clash 100. Don’t hesitate, you surely won’t regret your decision!

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I hope you this Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racket Review helped you to make up your mind. If you have any questions about the racket, feel free to leave a comment.

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